I miss…

– every person I have met;

– every single person that made me smile, laugh, cry;

– every single person in front of I could think out loud without being judged;

–  every person I cared about and cared about me;

– every touch;

-every glance;

-every hug;

– every promise;

– every deep conversations;

-every good thought in my mind;

– every good and bad words said about me;

-every mistake I made;

-every lesson I learned;

– every  good I’ve done;

– my parrots;

– watching the stars on the beach in the middle of the night;

– walking through the woods;

-watching the sunrise;

– staying on my grandmother’s porch admiring the hills;

– travelling alone and reading a book;

– travelling with friends;

– dancing like nobody is watching;

– walking in the rain;

– having pointless discussions with  my best friends;

– those endless and careless nights, doing everything I wanted, laughing till I cry;

– going to bed with nothing on my mind;

– waking up early;

– the idea of  what could have happened if I would have remained with one of my ex lovers;

– everything I begun and never finished;

– trusting someone;

– loving and being loved;

– everything I remember;

–  everything that made  me feel alive;

– me.

6 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. Well… I finally went through your blog, the entirety of it. Though I doubt my words hold much weight, as I am someone you have never met and as I have only now gone through your blog though you have been a follower of mine for a year, but I find that your portraits of people are your best work. Some of your other stuff has a 1970’s feel to it, an aesthetic that dates them in an odd way. You definitely have skill in rendering a variety of subject matter.
    About this post. Why miss? I don’t miss anything because I am all of what I would miss at all times. Just a thought.

  2. Would you say that as we go through life, the list of things that we miss would keep on increasing? So when we miss something, what does it do to us? Does it bring joy or regret? Or some other emotion?

    I ask these questions as I am wondering what is it we need to do to turn our “misses” into positive support for our own selves.


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