Let me introduce you, Dobrogea!


Few months ago, along with four friends, we decided to give birth to a new project to help us keep alive the culture in the region we live in.


The “Zebil of Dobrogea” project has taken shape in the desire to promote, support and take photos of the traditions in Dobrogea region of Romania . The mix of cultures and landscapes, far too little appreciated in these times, were in turn another impulse of initiation of this proiect.


We hope that through this constructive leisure activity to show that we can combine the pleasant and the useful in a beneficial way, both for the population and the environment. We chose Dobrogea because we believe it has much to offer, as an area inhabited since ancient times.We can say that it was the most frequently visited by other regions, that’s why in this area we will observe numerous influences of colony they have dealt with over the centuries, influential reflected in traditions, cultures and places that we will discuss and present through the time.


Regarding the meaning of the word “Zebil” we can say that is an ancient turkish word and it can be translated as “straight road”. It seems that our ancestors wanted to keep history alive even by naming a village in Tulcea County, by this archaic term. Noticing the various links between this word and our plans, we immediately thought of placing him in the name of the project.


Soon enough we’ll have a blog of our own, where you’ll be able to see and read all the activities we’ve been up to. Until then I invite you to support us and visit our Facebook page, admire what we have done till now.

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