Title? None.

It has been 7 months since I wrote my last post. I had many things on my mind;  different projects, starting to read psychology, initiating my new passion(tattoos)  born from my talent of drawing and the cruel fear of oblivion(I promise I will write a post about this ASAP),  dealing with being alone since most of my friends moved to other countries, plus trying to figure out who the f*#@ am I.

Just regular stuff, huh?  That’s what I was thinking about too.

But I realized I have changed, I don’t know if it is in a good way but it is a change.

Anyway… I was curious to find out if my blog is still “alive” and I was very pleasantly  surprised to see that it’s in a coma… Not dead!  Just coma. There’s still hope people and that’s all that matters. I will try to bring it to life, healthier, bloomier and stronger than ever.

I know I have a lot to catch up, I have lots of artworks to show  and things to share with you and I hope that soon enough it will be at least as good as it was a year ago. I do miss my WordPress family! ^_^



4 thoughts on “Title? None.

  1. Welcome back and I hope you will enjoy your new journey. WordPress family is always here for you! 🙂

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