Let’s put some thoughts on paper…


Have you ever given much thought about the impact of your actions?
Why do you do what you do? How do you do it?

Guess we all act in ways that are meant, either to bring us or to teach us something, starting with people, things, money, fame, happiness and so on.

How would it be to receive and learn even more and act in such way that nobody surrounding you should have to pay more than it takes.

I can honestly say that I act recklessly when I’m angry. My rational side bails me and my ugly and selfish part takes control. Good thing I noticed though. I can (almost) control it… Somehow…I think… At least I try!

The first thing to do in solving this situation is to find the main source of the problem. Analyse it! See both sides. Recognize others mistakes, admit yours cause it’s just a matter of perspective.

When it comes about people you have to put yourself in their place.
Would you do the same? Would you say the same? How would these make you feel?
With these answers you may learn more about yourself than others could ever tell.

Words aren’t just words and facts aren’t just facts. Above all they are choices that we make, choices that define us, choices we are responsable for. Bricks and bricks of choices to build our lives.

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