What is Love in Four Words

I could not say what is love in four words but I can definitely say what it is in five words.
“Take me as I am!”
Because love is about acceptance, about noticing the imperfections in one person and choosing to stay….love, above all, is about realizing what it really matters. 🙂


Day 12: Family Love

Today’s theme in the challenge is technically family. I was thinking about what to write all week, and then, luckily enough, Millie Thom tagged me in a post “What is Love in Four Words”. Well, that looked a bit more fun than writing about “family”, so I decided to do the tag instead, since “love” and “family” are at least along the same lines.

In Millie’s post, the tag was described as this:

hashtaglovebooks decided to do something interesting this Valentine’s. A challenge or tag where you write ten “what is love in four words” sentences about what you love and what you believe is love. Then state one of your favorite love quotes from a book, a movie or a famous person and then tag ten other bloggers to do the challenge as well.

Simple enough! Let’s go…


What is love in four words

Picture from: Polari Magazine Picture from: Polari…

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