No excuses!


Waking up and feeling like writing.

Not gonna apologize for not writing for the past few months. I have no excuse, I admit but I’m here now, laying in bed, looking like a weird geek with my new glasses, thinking about a sublime way to put my thoughts on this blank space in order to create art using words not only brushes.

I really have no idea what talk about now. First of all I want to show you, one at the time, my newest artworks.
I haven’t done much lately. I am making baby steps and thinking about an efficient way to fulfill my dream.


Been thinking about how many people just work, and work, and work without a special purpose, without a dream. I’m sure they are happy(most of them) to be alive(or not) and they are satisfied only by having a simple job. I, honestly, have no problem with them but let’s be honest, life is short! What is the purpose of living without having a dream? Something to make you feel special and unique or….OK! let’s not go that far.Not unique but worth living. I am happy to have a dream to fight for even if it may not come true.It is my duty to try, it is my right to dream big and to think that I can make my life better. So don’t settle up for little.

I have my moments, when I feel discouraged, when I feel down but I came up with something. A phrase to bring a smile on my face(beside my boyfriend :3):

” I may be nothing but after all, nothing is perfect!”

It may sound a bit narcissistic for some of you but that it’s not my intention. When I think of “nothing”, I think of imperfections and brick by brick, imperfections make a perfect wall, therefor the meaning of my phrase. We are all perfect in our own way, we just have to “build” ourselves ! ^_^


Please check out my Facebook page for new artworks and don’t forget to hit the Like button! Thank you! ^_^

6 thoughts on “No excuses!

  1. The artwork is amazing Laura.
    Truth be told, what are we without our dreams. Some dream of flashy careers, other’s let their dreams define them.
    For me, without my dream, I have nothing left worthwhile living for.

  2. That is a beautiful work of art!
    Having those moments of doubt are at times very difficult to get over. But, the thought of achieving and reaching what you have worked hard for is the best motivation that I can think of.
    Good luck with everything!

  3. Reblogged this on Megan J. Kunkel Visual Artist and commented:
    S. Laura, thank you, dear for following my blog. I always dream. Of better days. If I catch my own eye in the mirror, I tend to take a second to smile. It’s when we look right through our own reflection and lean in, tip into that chasm, companionship in this instance is just weighing someone down, or maybe they’re helping that gravity at an alarming rate.
    Why am I worried about the rabbit holes, I mean out these windows things are distorted.
    If, on the way down we discover our bodies close enough to hold a hand, or yet grab a hug. We can free fall for days.
    From the center to the perimeter & back.

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