Thank you!

I wanna thank you! I wanna thank everybody for taking a few minutes to read my post and give advice. This blog is my best psychologist. You, my fans, my readers …you raised me up and I really appreciate that. Many of your comments made me share a tear. I thought I was alone…I’m so afraid of loneliness. But I’m not. I’m happy and grateful cause I have you, cause I have this! This means everything! I hope I will never disappoint you! ^_^

11 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Glad to see that your happy, it means a lot. I’m sure all your followers and I would agree that we got your back. Its always nice to have a loyal group like that surrounding you.

  2. Blogs I think are wonderful, we meet wonderful people and it gets to be like a family after awhile…so happy you are better…no tears just happiness. sadness is so sad isn’t it..come on sherris sharing

  3. We are not alone as long as we have the courage to reach out and feel the kindness of others. That is where love finds us. Though love never binds one to another, it enriches us each time it is felt and eventually we learn how to hold on to it. The pain of its absence teaches us how precious it is and how fleeting it can be, just like our lives. This is how we learn the true value of life, love, and friendship. You have a special gift and I wish for you much peace and happiness for sharing your gift with all of us.

  4. I was late to comment on your previous post, but I will not miss the opportunity to share with you a thought that a philosopher told me years ago when I was alone, homeless, without a future and with a past full of darkness.
    He said: You’re an artist, a creator.
    Inside your mind and your body exists the ability to transform silent objects in art!
    (A power that not everyone has.)
    Beware from envy, beware of mediocrity and beware of the expectations.
    Be yourself and shine with your own light, like a fire in the night. There will be ones that will burn in your flames, but there will be many more who will stay with you and fill their hearts with your wonders…

    It has been many years since those days, years that were and remain difficult, but I learned to accept and to love others with their own abilities and characteristics. And I learned to find an objective out on my own, a reason that makes life worth living.
    You are a goddess! Listen carefully at your heart in spite of the storm.
    For me, love is the answer to most of the struggles: love all your creations, love the people around you, love the day and the night, and never miss a chance to love you.
    I’m sorry for my rustic english.. but I really want to let you know
    Stay shining! I love you

  5. Some of this might help you, or be a pointer of sorts, – listening to this guy. I’ve been extremely stressed out lately and starting watching this and it made me realize at least why I’m suffering so much lately. It seems we might struggle with a lot of the same beliefs or thoughts. It’s been a while, hope you’re doing ok.

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