I have discovered a new passion. If last time I had an idea and I said let’s give it a try, now I feel like rapturous metaphors are dancing in my head and I have to put them in order. :))  So I present you my second attempt in poetry. Hope you will enjoy it!

As the day is ending,
I dive into my deepest dreams,
I feel their drops like arrows rising,
And shatter the sky into billion fireflies.
I want to be carresed with shy tenderness
By the darkest shadows of the night,
Smoothly mesmerised by the moon’s daintiness,
Cause I wanna be awaken with a dizziness delight.


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6 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Maybe the last line could be tightened to continue the style of the rest of the poem – but as a second attempt you are on the right lines G;) have a look at the poetry of peace, love and patchouli and be inspired – as I have been

  2. Very beautiful and graceful. Both your art and writing made me drift into the dream I had of a young girl wanting to be an ancient Japanese princess. To being that to the surface in others is a precious gift you give. Thank you for that.

  3. The picture seems so graceful and free. It really makes me notice all the folds in the cloth, and how well it’s shaded. I love the poetry too! Keep up the amazing art!

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