If you want it you can have it!



How many times have you complained about not  having a certain thing/situation/person and so on? I do it every time! I might even say that I’m a little moaning Minnie.

So I have tried a few things and among them is reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a book which is supposed to teach you how to find the secret to a better life, to obtain everything that you wanted.The book didn’t helped me that much and that’s not because what is written there it’s no true but because I admit that I don’t have the strength to focus only on my good thoughts. It’s the most powerful and exhausting exercise, it’s like doing push-ups with your mind and you might say it’s easy but believe me,it’s not! Despite that, this book did made me realize that  every time that I wanted something so badly, without any negative thoughts , sooner or later I had it. So I could say that this gave me a boost of self confidence and some stamina for my mind push ups :D.

Now, can you focus all your positive thoughts on something you really want ,without letting not even one single negative one slip in?


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15 thoughts on “If you want it you can have it!

  1. I read The Secret also. It was extremely tough to focus on the positive thoughts when it seemed like only the negative where focused on my life everyday. I still try to focus on the positive, but I continue to get pulled into the negative spectrum due to the weakness of my will. I’ll have to start thinking more positive, so i can hopefully build a better life for myself. I love you art by the way, do you happen to sell any of it?

  2. Well, I discovered that this is kinda tricky. It’s like you don’t have to think about it that much in order not to attract negative thoughts. Better said you just have to believe in it, believe in the fact that you can have it. But this can turn out to be pretty difficult too :)). Thank you very much! You can find some of my art here http://society6.com/s_laura or you can check my Facebook page(which you will find in my post) and you can leave me a message if you want something in particular. ^_^

  3. I have read the book as well. Usually I don’t even like that type of a book- a self aid book. The anwsers in life I enjoy obtaining by myself. But then I realised, this is not a self aid book, this is a book with a true secret so obvious to us all that we simply must miss it. This is a book of facts and it does not actually tell you excatly how do you do what the secret is suggesting. So, just like you I had some difficult time making it happen. How did I do it? Well, I realised some things. Number one, True Happines is not always keeping your mind positive, it is to feel content in every aspect of your life, including the negative ones. It is to understand the fact that there will always be positive and there will always be negative, it is simply life and it’s balance. We need balance or we don’t function properly. So, to be happy is not always to keep it positive, it is always to be realistic. For obtaining the secret first you must understand that. Then you must understand the power of your energy. Depending on your desires you SHALL get that which you seek…if you want it bad enough. The problem evolves when we don’t actually know what we want. So, in order for the secret to work first you must know what you want. Then you must make peace with the fact that all in life has two sides and it can never be fully negative or fully positive. And then…comes for some the hardest part. Making it happen, making your mind get it. Nicely put, the most difficult push-ups are the ones we do with our mind. But, did you notice one thing about the push-ups? After awhile of doing them…your stomach looks better by each time you do it. Why? Because our body and your mind are actually machines and computers and computers function on set formulas and equations. If you eat too much for too long your body will learn it and behave accordingly. The mind is the very same way. It took me awhile and I kept on repeating the same process even if from time to time a thought would rush through my mind- you are crazy, this doesn’t work and all you do is making yourself look egoistic for thinking you could actually get all of those things. Now, when this happens you must reject the thought instantly. And realise, this is happening for set boundaries which YOU set for yourself. Don’t be affraid to say “I will have it”, don’t think you are egoistic, don’t think about the people around you and what might they think about it. The key is not all about thinking positive, it is one part of the formula, it is to KNOW you will get what you want. Remember, you are living your life for yourself and not for others. And nothing is out of the reach. Sorry for a long reply, I am almost done. All of which I am saying I am saying from my own experience. Not long after I read the book and started forcing my mind on some changes….miracles started to happen. After being 5 years without a job it just fell out of the sky, and it wasn’t just any job…it was a perfect job, all I wanted. And after that everything started to fall in place out of it’s own. My education, life oportunities are falling from everywhere before my feet. It is such pleasure that my main concern is what will I get next, what could I want…So, it means it works. But the true secret is…that you have that power. And we ALL have that power, don’t judge it, don’t believe in it…KNOW it. But also know that the negative must come so when it does, make it through, it will be over. It is just the way life works and when you are aware of it it reduces the anger some might feel and which is stoping them from achieving their goals. I like your topic, I like the way you write and endorse you fully to write more and more, it will not help just you but to the people who are reading you…thank you for being yourself, for loving yourself and sharing your positive side. I have faith you are on the right track of getting what you want, you seem aware and in balance. Just be patient and know it will happen and then it will…doesn’t matter when, it will. All the love and sorry again…I talk too much

    • I don’t think you talk too much, you just have a detailed point of view . And yes, that book it’s not the solution of our problems it’s just ment to open our eyes and see the power within us. And again Thank You! It’s really amazing to meet people like you! ^_^

      • What is amazing is to meet people like you, opened enough for acceptance. People like you allow others to be who they are and that is a very valuable gift you have there…
        The book for me was sort of a push and a big help.
        I didn’t give up and I don’t think I ever will…and miracles happen. But you know it all depends on the person, the miracles….for me a miracle is to see a beautiful flower in the peak of it’s blossom washed with the warm sun rays, gloating in the high grass…to me a miracle is when I see a cat who managed to cross the highway and not to get killed…for me a lot of things are miracles
        Just the mere fact I am alive makes me happy and with joy…
        Thank you….for being yourself even if it might seem from time to time you don’t know who you are yet, it is meant by destiny to clear in time. And to feel like right now.
        That is your power within you
        I am still accepting it and by some wild assumption I give it some 15 more years before the full acceptance and a lifetime before the absolute peace…

    • Wow, well said Pomozimo! I like your approach to “the secret” and I agree with what you say. Your message encouraged me to do mind push-ups, which I usually stray away from, since my biggest problem is not being able to accept myself. Working on myself, most of the time, is equal to the fact that I am not good enough or have any worth. As you say, we should be content in both the good and the bad. So for me, instead of forcing myself to think positive or forcing change, I instead need to practice self-love and nourishment. It sounds horribly corny, but makes sense when taking my past and upbringing to account. But we are all different and have to find our own personal road to happiness. Leading a good life is individual and to get there, I think it’s important to learn who you are and be in touch with yourself. What helped others doesn’t necessarily mean will help you. 🙂

  4. ^___^ we read the same book with nearly same impressions.
    I already tested my mind and my daily life. When I have negative thoughts it’s going down. When I positive it’s better. I am training to positive everyday. Lol

  5. I believe you are on the right path. I see it in your art and your poetry. My own secret was realizing how necessary the dark is to the light. In all things, happiness comes from experiencing the dark in order to value the light. It is not living devoid of emotion. Happiness comes from feeling every emotion with the darkness of a moonless night and the brightness of a summer beach on white sands. Balance is key. Fighting the darkness in our lives to covet only the light is denying our true human condition. That never works. But, if one embraces the depth of sorrow, the fleeting heights of joy make all the difference in one’s life. It is the Yin and Yang. That is the true secret and mankind has known it for eons, but only a few have mastered it. To covet only the light is to live a life only half fulfilled. That’s my over-caffeinated opinion anyway 🙂

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