Life, fear, hope


What  is life?

I went out with a friend of mine few days  ago and she told me that she went to a funeral last week. The 22 years old fiance of a friend of hers died, while she was sleeping next to him,out of the sudden. Even though I didn’t knew her (or him), that news blew me of.

Why do we live?

OK, we have a purpose but what happens when we don’t reach it? Then, why were we borned? It’s in my strong belief that everything happens for a reason….What is the reason for being borned and die without accomplishing your dreams?

I always try to be open,not to be afraid,to find solutions to everything, to find something good in something bad, but this….this frightens me. I have a dream and the fact that I may not get to make it come true it’s kinda interfering  with all the positive thoughts that I have about it.

Aaaannnnd …..STRIKE!

It seems that I cannot stop being me….even for one second! I found something. The thread that will keep me hanging on.

I wanna fight..Now, more than ever! Because of this story,this fear that surrounds me, I want to live my dream no matter what! And…life is life, after all…we are all lucky cause we had the chance to live, to see so many wonders, to feel so many mixed  emotions, to love…to breath!

I guess that fear it’s  a sort of fertilizer for the seed of hope that we have in us,  and as long as we control it even hope could grown further than this, further than a dream, into reality!


12 thoughts on “Life, fear, hope

  1. Oh wow, you are asking the common questions to all of humanity. Why am I here? Where am I going when I die? Why do I exist? What is my purpose? Why are people scared to die? I myself have grappled with these questions, as I believe everyone does, sooner or later. That was a long time ago, right before I went on my search for Truth.
    Great art, by the way. You are very talented. 🙂

  2. Life is so rewarding, my attitude now is get out and live. I was from a dark place and found it hard to live and now I can I am so happy. Live ,life, when you can. I’ve asked all the questions and found my way

  3. Hello — Interesting topic. Understandably we are shocked when someone dies young and or suddenly, but as a Hindu believer explained to me once: when we die, the purpose we were here for has indeed been served, though we may not know it. Of course there are many lifetimes in her belief, so ending one is not the end of all opportunity to grow. Furthermore, one’s life’s purpose may not be his own enrichment — reaching some goal you conceived over time — it may be that you are a catalyst for one or many, and even your death might be such, thus the idea of martyrs, I suppose. But all-in-all there need be no mad dash to beat the clock, just an awareness of it and sincere living. Be well.//mm

  4. That beauty you have created within you can never be taken away, not even by death. All you have ever experienced has slowly created the love that you are. And all those low points that you go through create a much bigger appreciation of those beautiful times in your life. They all have purpose. Namaste

  5. What is life? I don’t know either one of you and that story…blew me off completely.
    Why do we live? Can you trust me I can understand you perfectly?
    What is our purpose? I agree, everything happens for a reason. And your fear of not achieving your life dream…how can you lower it a bit? Well, think about this…do you remember what you dreamed about when you were 10? Or 5? Do you remember when you were 15? And then 20?
    So now when you thought about it…did you notice how during your life evolving your dreams evolve as well? You do not want the same thing throughout life. Your dream is evolving and constantly changing just like you..and in a way that could be a way of achieving it. You will always dream about something, it is a marvelous gift and don’t be so affraid of it, enjoy in it. We are not meant to fullfill all of our dreams. Just to dream them, to be two humans in one.
    And, if you noticed one more thing…maybe during your life there is that one thing which keeps on going through your mind. A constant in your dreams. First, think why do you want it, and be fully honest to yourself. If it’s out of the pure heart…then know this. You want it bad enough so why do you doubt yourself? You must deal with your doubt which represents lack of confidence and then…comes the freedom. It is a process, lasts for some longer for some shorter but the point is, as long as you are trying it will happen. But don’t over do it…wanting it so bad as you said on the end of this post…is making it unpure. It becomes a yearning out of fear with no patience and knowledge you will obtain it but rather a desire for an instant solution because your dream became…a pain and not a joy. And now you wish to get rid of the pain. Only way is to find patience and acceptance…in the things you can’t change. Things you can-you change them and stop feeling frustration, at least start doing it and don’t give up, it is a change already.
    And…did you notice how life many times throws us where we maybe didn’t want or didn’t plan or expect it? That is destiny and embrace it, she is here to give you a push. Your meaning in life is not to fullfill all your dreams…it is to find content. We are given choices and all we can do is to do what we think is the best. Just be aware of it…I see much love in you, much fire and passion and all I am saying as I said on a different comment, I say from my own experience. I don’t know how old you are but these thoughts can rush through your mind at any point in life. I felt them at the beggining of my twenties, just a few years later my life is in order. And, yes, I am aware it may not be in the future, but I am ready for it with no fear how will I react. Have faith in you since I see you love yourself (I say it again)

    • “We are not meant to fullfill all of our dreams. Just to dream them, to be two humans in one.” Interesting! very interesting. You captured my attention. You are right with many of your statements, I find it fascinating to find so many point of views. Life is indeed a mystery box and our destiny is the key. Thank you very much for following me and for your kind words! Hope I’ll be able to keep it up much better than I did till now. ^_^

      • I know you will keep it much better, but please know there is nothing wrong with how you kept it so far, obviously very good if you got some of the formulas in how to be happy as I saw you did. You are very aware of the world around you and that is a giant leap towards the happiness. Never be affraid of any emotion that comes to you, live it fully no matter how much it hurts or how much it could potentially hurt.
        You captured my attention from the moment I have seen you have a creative side. To a fellow artist- it makes you a really interesting Individual because art in my mind formes in a special way and the way I see the world is through art so to be able to take a glance in another mind so well expressed…is a true treasure. You are very talented and peaceful in your art…tell me how can I help you bring it out there in the world?
        Don’t thank me for having interest in you, enjoy in it 😉

  6. “Life is a dream in a dream.”
    I don’t get why humans are afraid of what’s natural. They are afraid of changes, of death, of nearly everything that it’s not “common” to them.
    I was afraid of dying until I read the book human’s condition of jean jacques rousseau. Thanks to it I accepted death as a part of life.
    I have dreams. I have goals. I’ll keep going on no matter what. When I’ll die I’ll be happy because at least I tried.
    I hope you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Please don’t be afraid of time and death. You’re holding yourself back from success.
    Keep going on no matter what too. You can do it. 🙂

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