Portraits – an artistic immortality



Well, as I said before I have a lot to catch up but enough with  stories ! I’m here for my capacity in drawing and painting and I’m gonna show you in today’s post some of my latest artworks that I haven’t exposed.

Since my summer was quite busy , all I could focus on were demanded  portraits and I noticed that  many people started to consider them an unique gift, especially wedding portraits.






portrait4To be honest drawing portraits it’s not really my thing because when I draw, I draw what I feel like drawing. I’m an stubborn artist what can I say? Despite what I just said I always make sure that my artworks are at the expectation of my clients.


portrait11 portrait8

And if you ever wondered how can I transform something that I like into something that I love…. I draw the persons that I care of most. There’s no greater earning  than the happiness  on their faces when they see that somehow I  was able to make them live forever. ^_^


portrait9 portrait10Hope you will enjoy my work!^_^




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