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HeyYo! I’m back!

Actually, I was wondering how many times am I gonna say this :)) .Well, ok! Blame it on me, my new life and not only. I gave up for a while, I have no other excuses. I have my flaws but I’m proud to say I’m not ashamed to admit this because it’s the first step in trying to repair them.

Ambition is my weak point. I know I can do so many things, flawless if I try hard enough.  There’s something inside of me that is waiting to be awaken and it has a strong connection with my ambition too . I just have to figure out what is the key to that. And yes, I know that the simple fact of knowing that you got it and you can do it, is kinda far ,not even at the middle of the road  to the result, but now I have something that I did not posses for many, many years and that is … self-confidence! To embrace this new  feeling of certitude, earned not only by opening my eyes in front of the mirror , I had my first tattoo. Serendipity….a colorful word which enters into my ears like a flowing river during the spring time and is filling my heart with joy. Why this? Cause its a beautiful way to describe my new life. All the pieces are coming together without even looking for it. ^_^

serendipity tattoo


Now, since I suppose we have a little bit to catch up I must say that I’ve been working the whole summer but at least I was doing something that I love and it has to do with my future carrier . I’m gonna use my drawing skills to live the life that I deserve but I’m not gonna tell you yet what it’s about, I’ll just say that I’m gonna be one of those few persons who can offer you something which will last a life time. Guarantee! Aaand I plan to be pretty damn good at this 😉 .

I will continue to write because it’s an awesome feeling and it helps me to free my mind a little. I know I won’t be able to keep up, to do it every day from now on but I know for sure that I’ll always be back!  So, hope you will open your eyes to my posts, your ears to my messages and your hearts to my art! 😀

Enjoy my new artworks! ^_^


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3 thoughts on “Back?!

  1. Hey S. Laura, I know the feeling. I’m going through a similar situation myself; but, it seems like you are a couple steps ahead. I hope I can overcome my little runt and be right along with you. 🙂

    Glad that you are back; I’m looking forward to see more of your work. I enjoy it.

  2. Love the painting. I am going through some challenges with my art career as well, I know the deal and the mind f–k with play with ourselves, as long as you do what you love at that given moment, you are doing good. We will always as human’s change our mind, change our direction, change are focus but will always circle back to what we love, just go with your gut instinct.

    Yay for you, you do some fantastic work. Don’t stray to long and give us a shout out once and while and share your work. 🙂

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