Ta daaa!


I was thinking if there’s a special recipe for success and guess what? I found one!

It’s like a mix of my latest posts or better said what were they about. So, long story short, there are a few steps that you must follow to get whatever you want in/from this life.

1. Make a list with all your qualities, everything you have and you are grateful for and everything you wanna have and be.

2. Make this list your prayer. Read it daily because it will make you believe more and more in yourself and being self confident is the first step in achieving what you want.

3. Ask!  Dare to ask for what is yours!

4. Believe!   Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your dreams! Believe that you can make them come true as much as you want them!

5. Visualize!  It may sound insane but for a moment close your eyes and imagine yourself as you want to be. Not only it will  help you to obtain what you want but it will also bring you hope and bonus, a good mood. After all, being crazy it’s totally ok,  being normal is a problem!

6. Wait! As I said before, patience is everything. Without it you won’t be able to make it. So set a date, for example: “In 30 days I wanna… “, whatever you think  it will take to realize your dream!

7. Receive!  Enjoy the fruits of  this mix of self confidence,  belief, imagination and patience! BUT don’t forget to be grateful if you want to receive more!

You are what you wan so dare to say it! After all, what do you have to lose?

I  AM …. !



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7 thoughts on “Ta daaa!

  1. That’s true. For everything you want to achieve in life, you need a strong personal believe so as to realize it. But above all is knowing the perfect thing to achieve…

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