IMG-20140702-WA0000 modifiedThis post is a small gift for a special person whom I didn’t quite appreciated as I should.

As I said before, I’ll say it again. For me, everything happens for a reason, and this goes hand in hand with the fact that I have to “suffer” and to work really hard for what is important in my life.  A thing, a moment or…..a friend.

So, funny how our “story” begun, In the 6th grade I had to move to another school. I was the new girl. That silly, shy girl that wasn’t liked by the others, making fun by everyone and she…she was the – I wanna be like her- girl, a role model for fashion and study, loved by every teacher, envied but admired by every girl in the school. Being so different, we didn’t get quite along then but the odds made that we meet again,4 years later, in college, and since high school can turn you into a completely other person( which it did, to both of us) I can say that this was like an opportunity for us to create something beautiful, unique and precious. A friendship.

Now, we were so different but so alike. There were moments when this seemed unbreakable.

Funny private jokes, reading each other’s mind, moving in together, crying on each other’s shoulder, It was awesome, something I can’t actually describe and I’m sure I’m never gonna find again.


This time, last year, for her birthday I tried to give her something special, something she will never forget. A funny cake, a well settled plot and a (ugh, I don’t even know howto call it: greeting card/small book..) meh, something with 7 pages full of memories and pictures. In it I also wrote the only thing that I’ll be able to keep…. that I’ll go through another ten years for a friendship like ours. And I will!

There are two unwritten rules in life when it comes about your mood:

1. Don’t make promises when you’re happy!

2.Don’t take decisions when you’re angry!

In this case I broke both of them. In a moment of happiness I promised her that I’ll do everything that I can to help her with some of her biggest issues but I didn’t, and one day we had an ugly fight(through phone). Things that shouldn’t been said were shot like bullets from our mouths. I was so angry and I moved out, we didn’t even talked about what happened, face to face.  Since then,nothing has been the same and sadly I know that it will never be again.

I’m not afraid or embarrassed to admit that I was wrong, I’m sorry  and I miss her.

Even if this is not a good thing, I know it happened so I can learn to appreciate what is really important to me.

You know, a simple friend thinks that the friendship is over when you have an argument but a real friend knows that it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight cause great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget!

Happy birthday, Joanna!

P.S. Check out her awesome blog -> What’s poppin‘?<-


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13 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. The story and the message behind this piece is great, and, to top it all off, it’s pretty impressive work! At least I think so; drawing hands is the bane of my existence, so I’m always super impressed when I see them done so well.

    Happy birthday to your friend, and kudos to you for being able to recognize your faults and improve upon them.

  2. The drawing is awesome. I have never heard about not making promises (and probably decisions, etc) when you’re happy. That is excellent advice. I’m going to use it.

    • Yea, well … when that “happiness fever” gets you, you feel like you can do anything. I felt it and I made this mistake many times before but now I know where to push the break. ^_^

    • She did. Sadly she moved far away few months ago. But thats not a problem. I wanna believe that this kind of bonds are unbreakable. ^_^

  3. And I wanna believe you will stop making me cry ! You and your subscribers that is, haha. I could read this again and again and again and I absolutely love it, love you and thank you guys for seeing this friendship as it truly is, genuine.
    Keep it poppin’!

  4. I just spent an entire day missing a very close friend who I met in interesting circumstances, similar to your story, that I haven’t had the best relationship with after I didn’t take their problems as seriously as I should have… Your words and story described so much of what I am feeling now and were comforting for me to read:) I’m so glad I stumbled across this today. I, too, believe that these bonds are unbreakable! (and are so grateful for them, despite the challenges!)

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