I don’t even know how to start this post but I really want to share this amazing feeling that keeps me floating for a few months.

I think that soon enough  I’m gonna write a post only by using quotes and sayings because I find myself in so many of them lately but one of them really caught my attention and it’s something like: ” I think that I can’t sleep because finally my reality is better than my dreams”. Aaand that’s how I feel!

I’m happy!

I’m in love!

Who would have thought that the person who was sitting behind me in high school, with whom I was hardly talking , turned out to be one of my biggest pleasant surprises till now. It’s simply fascinating and hard to believe in the same time.

Many times we are searching for what we want  in different places but I guess there is  one lesson we will never quite learn…What we want may be closer than we think and it might “kick” us sooner than we thought, it’s like a -“you were right here all along”- thing.

So, I’m here! I’m at that part of the relationship where I just beg the butterflies in my stomach to just settle down for a little bit only when I’m thinking about him, when I look at him and I feel like saying :”Dghjmjnhgbvfcdfvghjajnhdb” Wait. What? Oh! It sooo does not matter! He will get it when he will look into me eyes! I think that’s it…,that’s why you can’t explain this kind of feelings. It’s like a secret language between lovers.

That connection!

I had many relationships before and it may seem like a deja-vu but now I can notice one big difference. They say that you can’t fall in love with someone if you don’t love yourself first, thing I didn’t actually do until recently. So, I can only suppose that now I will be able to feel the real taste of being in love…

A sea of feelings where if you’ll drawn you will only feel more alive than ever.


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6 thoughts on “H.S.

  1. I feel the same, found the love of my life this year. We knew from a week in that it was a ‘forever thing’ as we like to say. No other relationship I’ve ever had compares to this feeling it’s so lovely. Best wishes on your journey xxx

  2. Damn I wish I was artistic like yourself, seems like a really cool way to express your feelings! 🙂 Thankyou for following my blog, I must say your artwork is very impressive!

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