pampammmOnce again I sit in front of my laptop, listening to piano music( it always helps me when I’m writing,painting or drawing) and thinking about how my day was.


It wasn’t perfect, it was beautiful. It started to rain when I was about to go out. I loved it! Walking in the rain is the most refreshing feeling that I’ve ever encountered. Peace,  quiet, the smell of fresh air…I could say that this is the proper moment for taking decisions.

“Should I change the world today?  Yes!

Do I have the power to do it? Yes!”

I feel like laughing. Some of you may think I’m crazy. Well, I am. I want to be. I have no regrets of what I have ever made. There were only lessons to learn. I’m proud of myself. I did things that others will never be able to do. I own something that not even the richer could buy. For the first time I can actually describe myself as a 23 year old dreamer, who knows what she wants from life and she’s gonna get it, a hopeless romantic, a child trapped in a grown body who has the wisdom of an old warrior when it’s about serious things aaaand many other unexplainable characteristics. BUT.. you can’t do anything without patience and I have to say that like many of you I get very anxious when it  comes about the result of my work or similar situations. “Now” it’s not the answer, “The right time” is. It comes when it has to. After all,  everything happens for a reason! I noticed this not until few weeks ago and with this lesson learned I do feel like I have the power to change the world!

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10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. If only I were not a poor college student, I would buy some of your work. Not only are they all extraordinary, your posts are very inspirational.

    We all have the power to change the world even if only by influencing a single individual.

      • It certainly is. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I feel as though there’s an unfinished quality to this woman, which makes sense to me because we are all unfinished people.

        Not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I took away from this piece. Thanks again!

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