It’s ok not to be ok


what's poppin'?


Ciao, ragazzi ( progress, you gotta love it ). Before I get into my topic, I would like to talk a bit about my choice of writing, and not just that, but publishing my thoughts as well. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t show emotion, if something bothers me I just let it hang in there, until I turn into a … something you don’t wanna face, for sure. Turns out writing calms my nervs, talking about it makes it easier, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that some things are hard for me to discuss… like the point I’m about to make. I will call it a reveal, though.

I am not who I used to be. I was always sarcastic, funny ( haha? I guess ), outgoing, friendly. I never had the perfect body, but now that I look back, I am kinda craving for what I had before…

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