Good to be back!

keep-calm-because-i-m-back-30 It’s good to be back after a long brake. To be honest it’s kind of hard for me to write now. I don’t know why but it feels like I want to say so many things but I am running out of words. It’s a strange feeling but I have to fight it, I missed this too much. I missed the unconditional appreciation that I receive from you, those amazing comments  which push me to go on. This is the place where I feel like everything it’s simply perfect,my own little paradise, the motivation that keeps me going. I took a brake because I didn’t know for sure what I want to do with my life. I was so confused. I’m a 23 year old dreamer, living in a country where art means nothing. I don’t want to end up with a boring job, making enough money just to live from day to day. I want to do what I love all my life. I really want this. I know I’m gonna be judge because sometimes you just got to deal with the fact that things don’t always work out like you want, but guess what, they actually do! The differences between those who make it and those who don’t, are the will, the struggle and most important the truth. We always have what we want in front of us. The first step is to accept the fact that sometimes it’s really hard to obtain it but if the will is big enough then you fight, you struggle and give all your best for that thing which will make your effort look just like a  funny memory. Here is the thing. We own the most powerful tools: the brain and the eyes,/ the engine and the tool itself. It’s like sculpture.Will its the fuel for our brain and our eyes are the tools who carve into reality until it takes the shape of our dreams. So, I got  little surprise for you which hopefully it’s gonna help me to keep doing what I do. I took the advice of some of my fans around here and created an account on a site where I can sell art prints in different sizes at an affordable price. And since I saw that my Rainy London painting it’s pretty appreciated I made a collage with some  places specific to U.K. and this is just the beginning. I started a new project, “The Country Project”. U.K. was the first one, I am gonna continue with all the countries which are known for their famous landmarks but to do that I need some support so I invite you to purchase my artworks here. For now there are just art prints(simple or framed) and stretched canvases  but soon enough you’ll be able to turn my paintings and drawings into phone or laptop cases/skins, wall clocks, mugs and even t-shirts. Here are the paintings which will join Rainy London in The Country Project: IMG_6069   IMG_6072   IMG_6073

6 thoughts on “Good to be back!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest post, I have been a day dreamer for a long time. I am 27 and if someone was to ask me what do I want to be when I grow up, even now it fills me with dread! Hope you settle into what you like and then feel at ease with your decision! 🙂

  2. You have already taken the necessary steps to realize your dream. Patience and perseverance will keep you moving forward. It’s okay to have doubts. Sometimes doubt brings resolve to take action and then the dream moves closer. Your artwork deserves to live in the light of your hard work..

    • Thank you very much for your support. This really means a lot to me. Its so amazing to see that I am appreciated and I have something to go on for. ^_^

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