Searching for perfection




While I’m sinking in this sea of doubts I keep wondering what perfection is, how does it look like and most important do I really want to know all this?  After all, it’s just curiosity but as you know, sometimes curiosity kills the cat. That is why I am into this imperfectly perfect things, things with flaws. I want to see the bad part, I actually want to sufer, to hear criticism, to feel the pain, to struggle to understand things that aren’t ment to be because the truth is that there’s nothing perfect in this world and you got to go trough all this to see the good in everything.

I erased many sketches, I riped many drawings, I have paintings with imperfections that are haunting me as an artist and I can’t quite figure out how to improve them but I have no regrets because I see all these as a lesson. A lesson that will get in my subconscious involuntary and it will teach me that every mistake is actually a big step forward if you know how to take it.

So it’s simple! I found my answer: Perfection is a big wall build with bricks of imperfection!


13 thoughts on “Searching for perfection

  1. Just remember, we tend to gain far more from our failures than we do our successes. Perfectionism is one of the hardest things out there to beat, and yet, once you do overcome it, everything you do seems to suddenly become closer to perfect. Go figure.

  2. Great post. For me, perfection is that moment one accepts all of the tiny flaws in something they behold that is dear to them. The assaults on one’s sense of what is desired versus what exists evaporates and we accept something as is and are pleased by it. It’s that point of balance that creates perfection. Perfection is elusive because as one holds something perfect, another can only see the flaws.

  3. Beautiful! I too have thrown away so much art as it’s not perfect, but I learnt and that’s good.

  4. Nice post, although I think that you meant “built” with bricks as opposed to “build” with bricks. (Sorry but had to point it out, that’s a niggling imperfection for me! :D)

  5. Wow. You are an incredible artist and I really admire your skills and wisdom. Thanks for sharing this drawing journey; it’s inspiring!

  6. I’ve often found in my experiences in life that the imperfections are indeed the most beautiful and intriguing pleasures of life. I love this blog post and I can definitely relate to it.

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