The essence

155942_1451052161796853_864563759_nTo paraphrase the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, I’ve always believed that an artist should always aim to reveal the essence of things. What’s the heart of any given moment? What makes a moment unique?

There’s life in every object around us – sometimes it’s as simple as light shining down on them, giving them a particular glow.

To reveal that essence, to translate the dreamlike state of every waking moment, is what art is all about. Not just what we see or hear or touch, but also what we feel. The sensation, vague and profound at the same time.

It’s not easy, to do this. It takes practice, patience, and acuteness in terms of separating the essence of things from the countless layers of what it looks like, what it seems to be, what it reminds us of.

[guest post by Cristian Mihai]

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