12 thoughts on “The Key?

  1. And our minds are more powerful than we dare to realize! Keep making beautiful art. Glad you stopped by and I am happy to find you! Blessitude – Lorrie

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  3. supple breasts frame the key
    as well as the heart
    and the heart is the key to the mind
    as is the mind is the key to the heart
    without one or the other
    you are left without either
    and soon find yourself
    could you discover her esprit?

  4. The picture and caption is very thought provoking. It’s seems to me that the power really is ours if we so choose to use it. I really do think this art displays it all

  5. I’m struck that the key is chained around the neck in a way that looks like it might keep it from turning in the lock. So close, but not lined up quite right. Love it!

  6. It has been taught that the body is a castle with nine gates. Could there be nine keys to the breath of life manifested in art?

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