Be you!


Imagination,dexterity, and courage: these are the main ingredients required for the exquisite recipe called art. They all play an  important role in the creation of your  artwork. You can’t start without  using your imagination in such a way as to give shape to your  own thoughts. At the same time, in order to give them contour you need dexterity because it’s not easy to render that mental puzzle on a piece of paper or on canvas, exactly as you wanted. To be honest, nowadays it’s kind of difficult to express yourself, to show the others your point of view, to put your mind on a tray. Not because you can’t but because you’ll be judged. Most people can’t perceive what  art really has to say and if they don’t understand it, they contest it. So just  because of this I think courage should be the tray that your artwork should be served on.

I hate doing something normal and whenever I have an idea I  try to ease my work using somehow wierd methods. For  instance in this drawing I used eye shadow pallets.They blent very easy,the colours look more natural and the drawing has a even higher tent of realism.So, be crazy , use whatever you feel  and think that is gonna help you create your masterpiece.

7 thoughts on “Be you!

  1. Great advice! I love the artwork by the way. I’m always intrigued by female nudes done by women. They always seem so different than nudes painted or photographed by men. Although it is the form and composition that attracts me to this piece, the fact that you used makeup to create it connects one to the subject.

  2. Thankfully, you have the courage to serve such expressive art, that conjures a thousand thoughts and even more images than the canvas conveys. Your words and art inspires.

  3. That’s so cool! When I was a kid I used to use the actual make up to draw my make up designs for theater. I was never much of an artist, but I did good make up and always figured the best way to show the design was to use the actual colors and textures. I had no idea make up could create such beautiful art. 🙂 You’re very talented.

  4. Hmm…when I say “kid” I mean teens and early 20’s. I did theater, color and black and white photography and television make up. I acted since I was very young and first started doing make up for others when a was 10 doing children’s theater, I helped the younger children apply their make up as well as doing my own. When I first started designing my own make up for theater I tried drawing them with all manner of pencils, pastels, markers, etc, but nothing seemed to adequately convey my intention for the design. I decided, why not use the actual make up? Especially with thinks like glitter, or for textures, etc, it just was so much more accurate a design. Still, it was just a design. Like I said, I had no idea make up could make such beautiful art. You’re my hero. 😀

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