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What’s the deal with this thing called art? What is it, actually? What are the rules that define it? So many questions, just to figure out that art is actually what you do and what defines you as a person. This is what it’s all about: freedom, the ability to do what you want, how you want to, when you want to. I believe that art is the best therapist, because it allows you to discard all the petty frustrations and regrets until you find yourself.

I, for instance, have been struggling for some time to find a style, knowing very well that it’s a lengthy process. My desire to leave my mark upon this world is insatiable, yet it’s not related to fame or money, but finding certain answers: What am I? What is art? Answers which, if I think about it, are really simple. Art can’t be learned; it just is. Art is our legacy, what we leave behind, an extension of ourselves… I am art. We are art, and through our art we’ll live forever.

11 thoughts on “Art

  1. I spent (spend) a lot of time thinking about how I can be an artist… I have found that “Being” an artist is a daily choice that I make better somes days than others 🙂

  2. This thing called ‘Art’? It’s a mystery to me what defines ‘art’……….But you look like you’re stamping your footprint all over it with great style 😉 Wonderful work.

    • We are art! I think that art describes us by bringing out who we really are. Thank you very much! You, as well,have interesting paintings, your style reminds me of Van Gogh and I think it’s pretty amazing. Keep up the great work.

      • thanks so much, I have done a few ‘inspired by’ van gogh paintings…….Love all of his work. Art really is a wonderful form of self expression and I find it very therapeutic. I am never happier than being alone with my paint brushes :)…..even though it can be difficult to motivate myself or get time to get alone with them 🙂

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  4. Many years ago in one of the newspapers there was a full page spread on sunday debating the question, what is art? University proffesors by the dozens, could not agree and asked readers to submit their opnions. I defined it in three words. ” Art is expression ” Nothing on earth or in the cosmos is outside that definition.

  5. Art is creation, it is life boiled down, it is part of what makes us human. As you said, the artist is immortal because through our art we “live forever”.

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